Imagine Dragons - Photo used in Entertainment Weekly and the cover of Hard Rock Hotel : Las Vegas by Luis Ruiz

Last year was an exciting year for me thanks to one of the biggest bands of 2013 Imagine Dragons using one of my photos for two magazines. One which was featured in an advertisement in Entertainment Weekly Magazine. It was an honor being featured there since this was one of my favorite magazines growing up! This ad promoted the upcoming arena tour for this year in 2014.  The other magazine was for Hard Rock Hotel : Las Vegas Magazine. This was a great surprise since it was mailed to me on christmas eve! So two big accomplishments that I'm very proud of and it's only the beginning of good things to come this year in 2014!

Mother Feather at Mercury Lounge by Luis Ruiz

Last December I had the privilege of photographing both Mother Feather and Kendra Morris which were playing at Mercury Lounge. While arriving back from a day of shooting with Kendra Morris I made my way back to the venue to get some photos of Mother Feather getting ready for the show. They put on a helluva show. Definitely one of the best live shows in NYC if you haven't checked them out yet. Enjoy these pics!

Governor's Ball Festival 2013 by Luis Ruiz

Early June I had the honor of photographing a three day festival in new york city. With Rain in the forecast and a huge park to walk through each day it definitely was an experience that changed me and a lot of photographers. After the rained cleared by day one... Mud was our enemy for the next two days. The challenges and obstacles we all faced with broken cameras, lost shoes in the mud all felt like a video game each time we set foot in that mud. After the weekend finally was over I looked over about 2000 photos and wanted to give everyone a little taste of what this festival was to me and in the end it was all about the music!

So here it goes..

Governor's Ball Festival 2013!