madison square garden

Passion Pit at Madison Square Garden by Luis Ruiz

Once in a lifetime feeling thats what I felt once I walked through the history filled halls of Madison Square Garden last friday. A friday where a winter storm was about to pound the northeast with over 10 inches of snow.  Many fans still made it to see headliners Passion Pit which was an experience in itself as each photographer tried to capture lead singer Michael Angelakos as he raced back and forth on stage reaching his mic out to the fans.  The fans had looks on their faces like they have seen a god, its the look that I love to see as a music fan and avid concert goer for years...

These moments are the ones that you can talk about for years and years.  I won't ramble anymore I am really proud of these pictures and photographing in an arena which such history was an honor and hope to keep shooting there in the future!